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Caring for solid wood.

Wood undergoes a process of change throughout its lifespan. Colours and structures change gradually over the years giving the furniture a beautiful patina.


We strive to always serve the best possible furniture. To ensure your deft furniture continues looking beautiful throughout its lifespan, we recommend taking proper care of them by following the below instructions:

- Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure will gradually change color from exposure to UV. Be aware of items placed on the surfaces of furniture to avoid the development of light and dark spotting.

- Avoid extreme temperatures. Keep your furniture in a stable environment. To prevent warping and cracks and minimize the natural expansion and contraction of solid wood, maintain consistent humidity levels in your home. Keep furniture away from radiators, fireplaces, or areas with excessive moisture. 

- Wipe spills immediately. Use a clean, damp cloth to blot the spill - avoiding rubbing. Avoid the use of alcohol or bleach-based cleaning agents.


- Indoor furniture should not be used outside.

Daily maintenance.

For everyday cleaning wipe furniture with a firmly wrung-out clean cloth. Do not use chemicals, detergents, scrub sponges, steel wool or the like as this will discolour or damage the surface. 

Caring for steel.

Powder coating is a resilient steel finish; however, it can chip if dropped or knocked. A satin-finished coating will scratch against rough surfaces. Avoid using any chemicals or polish on steel furniture as they could damage or mark the surface. For daily cleaning use a firmly wrung-out clean cloth with clean water. Avoid abrasive cleaning materials such as scouring pads. Prolonged exposure to moisture will affect the surface finish. Wipe spills promptly. 

Use indoors only unless specified as stainless steel or aluminium. 

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