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Furniture designed for the few who believe that design can make everyday remarkable.

We seek out the ordinary.

We look at things differently.

We lead by design.


Deft Studios is a contemporary furniture brand with a sculptural approach to everyday objects. Made to delight and excite, all pieces are produced locally and crafted with personality by a small team of passionate designer-makers who care a whole awful lot about design.


Est. 2020. Deft naturally grew from a response to living creatively and curiously. The founders & makers, Martin & Zani, drew inspiration from principles obtained through their architectural studies and applied them to the line of furniture and product design. What started out as a personal expression of creativity and exploration, matured into a humble business. 

Good design will bring joy, improve our surroundings and contribute to our everyday well-being without compromising the environment in the process. 


We've partnered with Greenpop.

For every furniture piece sold,

a tree is planted. 

We understand that our business has an impact on the natural environment, therefore our decision-making is intentionally driven to mitigate negative effects. All our solid woods are FSC-certified, to ensure sustainable forestry. We only use non-toxic finishes for our products and limit our packaging volume to a minimum in order to reduce transport emissions. We opt for recyclable or reusable packing materials where possible.


At deft it's not just about sustainable raw materials but also about a long-term investment to create furniture that can stand the test of time. This enables consumers to help us reduce our waste footprint on landfill sites by investing in long-lasting furniture pieces. 

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