JUNE 2021

It’s real. We are real. It’s easy to see modern businesses as machines or objects created to serve its audience, understandably, because it operates with such a character. But in between the crowded mess of an outcome-based culture lies people who lead and stand for something worth enrolling for. These people seek to make change happen, and promise to commit, as professionals, to the practice. Behind the posts & pages, deft is steered with such intent and care. 


The inception phase could be characterized by numerous emotions, but none as accurate as uncertainty. We committed to embark on a journey of furniture making without any carpentry skills or exposure to the industry. We acted on impulse.

The blog is an extension of the creative journey we are currently exploring, a way to try and make sense of some realities, and a way to give perspective to the practice. We want to share experiences we encounter, realizations, and even failures. We put ourselves on the line, not to receive reassurance, but to further commit to an attitude of generosity and empathy, to care, to make a change, to make art.


We’ll be doing a monthly blog. Discussions are inspired by our day-to-day with not a fixed narrative. We’d like you to guide us towards specific topics or questions you might have. We promise to give you our honest portrayal of what’s happening behind the scenes.

Stay tuned.

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